Alichuck Adaptors

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Polyurethane Bladder Chuck - 6" / 150mm ID Cores
  • Lightweight Aluminium construction 
  • Abrasion & Cut Resistant Polyurethane Bladder
  • Designed to mount onto Air Shafts or base shafts
  • Mechanical Locking Collar
  • Ergonomic design
  • Standard with 3"/76 Machanical Locking Collars



  • The Alichuck Polyurethane Bladder Chucks are a Lightweight durable Adaptor Chuck to suit both
         6inch and 150mm ID Cores.
  • The Alichuck has an Aluminium construction keeping the Chuck as Light as possible while also
         being durable, the Polyurethane Bladder is cut resistant and retains its deflated diameter unlike
         other Rubber style Chuck Adaptors which swell and are difficult to fit into the cores.
  • Alichucks are generally mounted to a 3inch Air Shaft/ or base shaft in pairs and are suitable up to
         roll weights of 700 Kg. The Chucks can be fitted with a connection hose and the air can be applied
         to both Chucks from the one air inlet.
These are ideal when core sizes change regularly from 3inch to 6inch.


 Alichuck Specifications - PART# PBC6-3


Core Size Range6" / 150/152mm
Operating Pressure > 80 PSI
Body Range Standard Bore 3", other bores avaliable
Style of Lug/ ContactCut Resistant Polyurethane Bladder
Max Roll Weight700Kg per pair
Body Material6061 Aluminium
Mass Weight3.5Kg each