Series 3000

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Series 3000 Steel Body One Piece Air Shaft - 3" Cores
  • Super Quick Maintenance
  • Inner Bladder is a Cartridge Design
  • Independent Aluminium Lugs generate Superior Gripping Force on the Core
  • Ideal for heavy rolls at fast processing speeds.
    The Series 3000 is the ultimate Air Shaft for unwind stands where the Air Shaft support is wide and the roll material is narrow which generally causes problems with the journal fitments into the body.
    The Series 3000 is a Single Piece Air Shaft suitable for Continuous Web Offset printing machines and Tubing Lines which generally use heavy roll weights with large bearing support distances.
    The Air Shaft body is manufactured from high strength alloy steel and since there are no journals fitted to the body the deflection rates of the Air Shaft is significantly reduced.
    The Series 3000 is the Unwind Stand Professional.

Series 3000 Installed on Tuber Unwind Stand

Series 3000 Single Piece Steel Ait Shaft Specifications

Core Size Range

 3" / 76mm

Operating Air Pressure 

 > 80 PSI

Style of Lug

 Independent Aluminium

Body Surface Finish

 Electroless Nickel or Chrome

Journal Fitment

 Hollow Bore

Max Face Length


Body Material

 Alloy Steel

Journal Surface Finish 

 No Journals

Bladder Replacement

 Inner Bladder Assembly