Webtrack 2000

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  • Side lay adjustment for Roll & Web adjustment while the web is being processed to align
     the web material
  • Available to suit 2inch ¨C 8inch Core Sizes
  • Steel, Aluminium & Stainless Steel Body materials are
        available with specialist surface finishes such as Hard Face
        Anodising, Electro less Nickel and Chrome Platings are available.
  • Ideal for Pharmaceutical, Food and Disposable Packaging Industries
  • Side lay adjustment up to 30mm
    The Webtrack 2000 Side lay Air Shaft is used in the narrow web industry and provides the alignment of a roll and web material while the machine is running without having to depress the air valve and re align the roll on the Air Shaft
    To adjust the alignment the adjustment knob at the end of the Air Shaft is rotated and the complete Air Shaft will move back or forth as required to align the web to a registration mark, sensor or appropriate position.


Webtrack 2000 Air Shaft Specifications


Core Size Range

 3" - 8"

76mm - 203mm

Operating Air Pressure 

 > 80 PSI

Style of Lug

 Independent Steel Spring Return

Body Surface Finish

 Anodising / Electroless Nickel

Journal Fitment

 Parallel Bore

Max Face Length


Body Material

 6061 Aluminium Extrusion / Alloy Steel / Stainless Steel

Journal Surface Finish 

 No Journals

Bladder Replacement

 Inner Bladder Cartridge Assembly




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